Easy Pneumatic Crown and Bridge Remover II

Easy Pneumatic Crown and Bridge RemoverA class of its own, the Easy Pneumatic crown and bridge remover is air activated and breaks cement seals using short, repeated and low impact force. Is a hand-held instrument that attaches to high or low pressure air line connections.

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Reality 4 star award2
  • Permanent and temporary crowns and bridges regardless of cement type
  • Maryland bridges
  • Laboratory posts and cores
  • Orthodontic brackets and bands
  • Removable appliances stuck at attachment
  • Multi-unit restoration stuck on working lab model


  • Less chance of tooth fracture than traditional crown and bridge removers
  • Restorations removed intact and reusable, no porcelain damage
  • Significantly reduced chair time
  • Easy of use fingertip control
  • Maintenance-free
  • Uses a controlled and predictable force
  • Requires no presettings
  • No need for an assistant
  • OSHA compliance: completely autoclavable


Easy Pneumatic Crown and Bridge Remover
  • Crown & Bridge remover
  • Bridge remover tip
  • Single crown remover tip
  • Single crown remover contrangled tip
  • Open-end adjustment
  • Wrench
  • Rubber gasket
  • Storage / carrying case
  • Instructional Clinical videotape/ CD ROM
  • Flexi-wire kit
    • Hook tip
    • Bar
    • Wire spool
    • 4 sleeves


Super Clamps

 RomiApex A-15  4th Generation wet/dry apex locator This completely new system allows a more comfortable work and greater safety for the dentist and the patient. Each unit comprises lingual and buccal wing deflectors to provide a complete retraction of the tongue and buccal mucosal area, in order to protect the operation field. The installation is very easy and quick, it takes only 30 seconds.

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Instuctions for use (PDF)


  • Adjustable height level
  • 3 different sizes of wing deflectors
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Light-reflective material


  • Complete retraction of the tongue and buccal mucosal area
  • Painless seating without damages on the gingiva
  • Protection of the operation field
  • Facility of saliva ejection
  • Treatment is available in the area distal to the seated tooth if dam protector is tilted posteriorly


  • 1 large wings - for molars
  • 1 medium wings - for molars
  • 1 small wings - for premolars and canines
  • 50 mini rubber sheets


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