• The thinnest viewer in the world, only 13/16" thick!!!
  • A clear and sharp view of any x-ray
  • Even lighting throughout entire panel
  • Light and portable, can be installed on a wall, counter, or chair unit, vertically or horizontally (chair mount optional)
  • 10,000-hour life lamp powered by 12v DC
  • eview panel size 11-3/4 x 8-5/6"

eview X-Ray Viewer

Eview A-2

  • The thinnest A2 viewer in the world only 7/8" thick!
  • It is light and portable enough to be mounted on a wall vertically or horizontally.
  • A clear and sharp image of any x-ray (single, panoramic or CT)
  • Powerful as 6000 candles.
  • Giving duration of 10,000-hour lamp life, powered by 115V.
  • A2 viewer panel size 16.5" X 11.5"