Bibo-LED Lite Block

 Bibo-LED Lite Block

An intra oral light system which simultaneously, relaxes the patient’s jaws as a mouth props and illuminates the working area in the oral cavity. Bibo is extremely simple to use with rechargeable power for the LED light of about 50,000 life hours given light power of 22,000 LUX. Discharge time approximately one hour and charging time about two hours. An inexpensive autoclavable bite blocks.

Bibo-LED Lite Block - Price: $229.00Order

Bibo Lite Block Brochure


  • Two small, two large autoclavable silicon bite blocks
  • One lighting unit with the LED light
  • One charger

OrBo-LED Lite Source

OrBo-LED Lite Source

OrBo is a powerful LED –light source for all illumination of oral cavity during any dental procedure. OrBo gives you innovation design, Rechargeable Control Pack of a simple application give you 22,000 LUX with about 50,000 hours of lifetime full charge of the control pack holds a bout two hours of use, the OrBo is autoclavable at 135° C (275° F). Available for: Available for: Saliva Ejector, Hygo-Vac, Cattani, Roeko Surgitip and Euronda.

OrBo-LED Lite Source - Price: $229.00Order

OrBo Lite Source Brochure

OrBo set comes with

  • One LED clip piece – specified type
  • One battery pack
  • One house strap
  • One charger
  • Two Velcro straps

E-View X-Ray Viewer

Eview X-Ray viewer This X-Ray viewer is extremely lightweight and reportedly the thinnest in the world. Also, is very versatile: it can be installed on a wall, counter, vertically or horizontally, by itself or with the optional mounting hardware. The 2,000 candlepower lamp has a 10,000 hour lifespan, and the wide panel accomodates intraoral and panoramic x-rays.

Price: $169.00Order

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  • Clear and sharp view of x-rays


  • Light and portable
  • Versatile: multiple ways of installations


  • x-ray viewer
  • power cord


EasyScan Dental X Ray Scanner

EasyScan Dental X Ray ScannerEasyScan is a compact electronic device that allows three different operations.
- Scan dental x-ray film for viewing as a digital file.
- Scan dental x-ray film directly to a computer to archive, email, etc.
- Connect intra-oral camera or other analog video devices directly to a computer

EasyScan provides on-touch scanning of standard 31x41mm (1.2”x1.6”) dental x-ray film enabling it to be magnified and viewed on a display screen. At the same time, you can choose to save the image to a computer for archival, email or other purposes. EasyScan can also be used to connect an analog intra-oral camera to a computer for direct snapshot storage.

EasyScan is an indispensable device for every dental office and clinic.

Price: $499.00Order

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